Pella Corporation Headquarters Addition 
Pella, Iowa

Challenge: Design a welcoming, state-of-the-art addition that reflects the company's history, success and growth while honoring the community's Dutch heritage; include a relaxing space for visitors and employees, a conference center, auditorium, additional office space, training rooms, video conference room and computer training lab; create a new, exciting and memorable façade for the flagship corporate headquarters.

SVPA Solution: SVPA's solution resulted in two new three-story additions. The first addition-the Entry Court building-encloses the courtyard area between the original, turn-of-the-century building and the modern office headquarters. In this "bridge" between two eras, visitors are welcomed, the company's history is celebrated and employees have a space to relax. These three adjoining buildings received an all-new façade that pays tribute to Pella Corporation's past while demonstrating its commitment to the future. The second new building houses a leading-edge conference center and auditorium as well as training rooms, video conference room, computer training lab and office space.

Completion Date: Fall 2001

Project Size: 106,235 s.f.

Type of Delivery: Negotiated Contract

Project Team:

  • Vitus Bering, AIA
  • Kent Zarley, ASLA
  • KJWW Engineering Consultants
  • Charles Saul Engineering
  • AVI
  • Electronic Sound Company
  • The Weitz Company

Became an SVPA client in: 1959

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