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Architecture is at the heart of who we are and what we do. SVPA Architects has been practicing architecture for over 60 years. We design spaces that translate our clients’ visions into a reality. We believe in a collaborative approach with every project and the results are spaces and buildings that are aesthetically pleasing, contextually aware, and socially and environmentally responsible.

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The development of the interior of a building should be integral with the overall design concept. Thoughtful application of lighting, color and texture create engaging interior spaces. Our interiors are innovative and flexible, with unique environments inspired by the personality of each client. Given that interior design is intimately connected with building architecture, they must be conceived together.

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SVPA has been instrumental in the planning process to align our client’s vision and goals with a clearly defined path to meet those long-range objectives. We have assisted in providing a framework for significant public and private investment in communities throughout the region.

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Sustainability plays an integral role in our practice. At the beginning of a project we consider building systems, materials, envelope and operational energy usage geared towards optimizing a building’s performance and minimizing its environmental impact.

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