Kent Campus Center, Simpson College

Simpson College chose to build a new campus center in 2003 as part of a campus master planning study. Initial design considerations placed the campus center between two existing residence halls and connected directly to the main dining hall facility. After fundraising efforts were affected by economic conditions, the college decided to select a different campus site and to make the center a connected building to the existing Cowles Center athletic complex.

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The previous campus center, which was built in the late 1960s, was demolished and the new Kent Campus Center was built in its place. The two-story structure houses a variety of student-centered spaces and public meeting areas. Also within the center is the college bookstore, dining areas, coffee shop, conference space, performance theater, student government office and work space, health and counseling offices, and the student activities department for Simpson College. The resulting design has received unanimous acceptance by the students, faculty, administration and Board of Trustees. The project achieved LEED Certification.