LGI R&D Facility

LGI (The Lauridsen Group Inc.) is a biotechnology company that was interested in building a Research and Development Laboratory to house four of their companies: Proliant Health and Biologicals, APC, Proliant Meats and Proliant Dairy with individual laboratories.

Client Since 2007
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Completion Date

June 2012

Project Size

21,400 SF

Our Solution

Challenges involved designing a pilot plant that would serve the needs of the various companies, since their processes are different. The project also included a meat laboratory and a test kitchen to bring in clients to taste-test their products. The project required very complex piping arrangements for processing and cleaning of the piping. Specific requirements for washing down/cleaning and specified lower temperature cooling of the meat lab were incorporated into the design. The exterior skin involved the use of brick masonry and white metal panels in order to blend with the existing corporate office building adjacent to the lab.