About Orion

Orion brings 10 years of experience to the SVPA team. He is experienced in Revit, drafting, Bluebeam, Enscape, AutoCAD and SketchUp. In previous roles, Orion’s responsibilities included developing Construction Documents, developing architectural plans and creating renderings.

What is your favorite building and why?

“I’d have to say the Pantheon in Rome. I always enjoyed history when I was in school and especially classical history. So pretty much anything to do with Greece and Rome I loved to learn about. It’s probably one of the most well known buildings in the world next to something like the Great Pyramid and also the Parthenon in Athens. I just think it’s amazing that something built 2,000 years ago is still standing and we’re able to experience it today. It’s one of the best preserved Roman buildings that we are able to see today. It was the largest domed structure for 1,300 years after it was built and even today it’s the largest unsupported domed structure in the world. I’ve yet to see it in person but someday I’ll get there.”

What is a hidden talent you have?

“I guess it was hidden since I never took music lessons in the past. Last fall I started taking piano lessons and have really been enjoying it. While it’s kind of frustrating sometimes being a beginner it feels great watching myself progress. Even really simple exercises and songs when I first start to learn them feel extremely difficult, but I just keep on practicing them and soon they just become muscle memory. After just a few months of playing I’ve found myself thinking that I should’ve started taking lessons 20 years ago! I guess that’s one of the reasons I started as well, I’m 36 now and I don’t want to look back when I’m 56 and think, “why didn’t I start doing this years ago?”

Joined SVPA Architects

February 2021


Iowa State University, Bachelor of Arts, Art and Design, 2009

Des Moines Area Community College, Associate in Applied Science, Architectural Technologies, 2011

Everyone has to start somewhere and we don't know it all in the beginning. I have a great willingness to learn.

- Orion Lauda