SVPA is about people. We are committed to doing our part to provide a safe work environment and to be prepared to do what is necessary to limit the spread and impact of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. We appreciate the precautionary efforts that everyone is undertaking to protect the public health and well-being. We are committed to continue serving our clients and industry partners and are implementing strategies to mitigate the impacts of this evolving situation.

Steps SVPA is taking to do our part:

  • Implementing a stay-at-home policy for those who feel ill
  • Bolstering sanitation practices within the office to prevent and reduce transmission
  • Discouraging attendance at any large group meetings or nonessential gatherings
  • Scheduling planned meetings via conference call, GoToMeeting or Microsoft Teams
  • Implementing technology upgrades to support remote working for staff
  • Providing flexibility for team members who are impacted by extended school closures and daycare issues
  • Listening, learning and communicating with our clients and construction industry partners on their social distancing protocols and communication plans
  • Preparing our team and workflow process for the possibility of being required to self-quarantine

Communication and flexibility are critical. Your primary point of contact at SVPA will keep you informed of any changes or impacts to your project. We encourage our staff, clients and collaborators to stay informed, to stay vigilant and for everyone to do their individual part in protecting the common good of the public health and safety. We will continue to keep you informed and provide the client-focused service you have grown to trust from SVPA.