Bondurant Regional Trailhead

As Iowa’s recreational trail system continues to grow, the City determined that it was time to create a destination trailhead facility on the trail through Bondurant. The design team’s challenge was to create a replica of the old train depot in town, as the trailhead building would be built on that site.

Client Since 2009
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Completion Date

June 2013

Project Size

1,460 SF

Type of Delivery

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Our Solution

SVPA Architects provided a regional bicycle trailhead for the Chichaqua Valley Trail serving two purposes: create a cycling destination in Bondurant and provide another park site for citizen use. It also pays homage to the Great Western Railway system that traveled through the town with historical elements from the original Bondurant train depot, which was nearby. With the input of a community citizen committee, the team designed a picnic shelter that was a much-needed addition to Bondurant’s city park system. The building has two public restrooms and an open pavilion area that can be used for community outdoor gatherings. Architectural elements such as detailed soffit brackets, extended roof overhangs, openings and fenestrations typical of the time of the former railroad depot are prominently featured.

Key Team Members