Timmer & Judkins Law Firm

As the first location of Timmer & Judkins, PLLC, a law firm specializing in discrimination cases, they wanted their office to exude professionalism, be welcoming and radiate the success that Timmer & Judkins has achieved.

Client Since 2018
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Completion Date

June 2019

Project Size

3,800 SF

Type of Delivery

Negotiated Contract

Our Solution

Private offices were a must for heads-down work, while the Great Room was added as a gathering space for staff. Its centralized location allows for interaction between employees throughout the workday. There are three conference rooms in varying sizes (five-person, eight-person and 12-person) to encourage collaboration when needed, as well as a place for depositions and privacy for client counsels. Timmer & Judkins is a small firm that is predominantly female. These lawyers work hard, but also place a high importance on work/life balance. Most of the employees have families of their own. While walking through the space, you’ll notice a kid’s room filled with toys and various infant carriers in private offices. In the law world, long hours are a given. Having a Great Room space that allows employees to take a break to rejuvenate and refocus is a must.