Wright Service Corp.

SVPA worked with Wright Service Corp. to complete a comprehensive programming evaluation that outlined the continual company growth and forecasted a steady growth for the foreseeable future. During the final stages of design for the new corporate headquarters, the decision was made to renovate the existing corporate headquarters in West Des Moines, IA.

Client Since 2017
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Completion Date

September 2021

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Negotiated General Contractor / Design Bid Build

Our Solution

The single-story two building complex needed extensive renovations to the east main office building to meet the company’s current needs. The existing “Annex” west building had been partially renovated over the past few years and only required the existing training space to be reorganized to allow for a centralized work café that has outdoor gardens and patio for the staff to enjoy. A connecting link provides access to the entire complex within a weather protected path with outdoor garden space for Wright Outdoor Solutions to showcase their talents. Wright Service Corp. owns the site directly west of the complex which is to be re-purposed for a walking path and community/staff garden complex. Other site amenities include relocation of the corporate trash enclosure, electric vehicle charging stations and a tool shed for the garden.